Umdawng Ngathu Chialhme

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Do you know, apart from the monotonous fry, curry or boiled Bottle Gourd, you can cook up a delicious traditional dish out of a Bottle Gourd by preparing it with a Dried/Smoked Fish or Fermented Fish and Dried Red Chilli?


  1. Bottle Gourd (Umdawng).
  2. Dried Fish or Smoked Fish (Ngathu Trawl) or Fermented Fish (Ngathu).
  3. Dried Red Chilli (Hmarcha Trawl).
  4. Garlic (Purunvar).
  5. Dried Lomba Leaves (Lengmaser),
  6. Salt (Chi).


  1. Cut off the edges, then cut the Bottle Gourd horizontally.
  2. Peel the skin of Bottle Gourd with peeler.
  3. Remove the sponge texture inside.
  4. Cut them vertically into strips and then chop into squares or two inches.
  5. Wash and put it into a cooking pot.
  6. Add water to the level of the chopped Bottle Gourd.
  7. Soak and wash Dried Fish or Smoked Fish (remove scaled if needed) (if Fermented Fish, roast and pound it in a Mortar and Pastel), and add it.
  8. Add Salt.
  9. Peel Garlic, pound it in a Mortar and Pastel and add it.
  10. Halve the Dried Red Chilli with your fingers and add it.
  11. Cook with a lid over the cooking pot, stirring occasionally.
  12. With a scissor, cut off the flowers of the Dried Lomba Leaves.
  13. Soak it in a water for some minutes, and squeeze with hands for excess water. Wash it again twice, squeezing of excess water.
  14. Add it to the cooking pot, and stir.
  15. Continue cooking for another minute or two.
  16. When you think that there is an enough amount of gravy, switch off the gas stove.

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