Cleaning Stink Beans by Roasting

Stink Beans, Zawngtra, Chilli Chutney, Fermented Pork, Fermented Fish, Fermented Soybeans

Cleaning the green exterior of Stink Beans or Zawngtra in Hmar is tedious, more so when the seeds or pods are large. It is also time consuming to properly clean the green covering between the large pods.

To make the cleaning easier, one can roast it over fire and peel off the burnt skin. One can then add this to a Chilli Chutney prepared with Fermented Pork, Fermented Fish or Fermented Soybeans.

With this method, it is a lot easier and one still retain some of the inner layer between the pods and green exterior. Also, one do not need to boil it and at the same time retain the freshness of the pods as well.

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