Zawngtra Ngathu Hmarchadeng

Zawngtra, Ngathu, Hmarchadeng, Stink Beans, Fermented Fish, Green Chilli, Hmarcha Hring, Skewer, Mortar and Pastel, Garlic, Coriander Leaves, Garnish

Preparing a Stink Beans Chilli Chutney with Fermented Fish is not difficult! Learn how to quickly and easily prepare it!


  1. Stink Beans (Zawngtra)
  2. Fermented Fish (Ngathu)
  3. Green Chilli (Hmarcha Hring)
  4. Salt


  1. In a skewer, roast Green Chilli over fire.
  2. Put it in a Mortar and Pastel.
  3. Roast Fermented Fish and add it to the Mortar and Pastel.
  4. Add Salt as well.
  5. Pound both the roasted Green Chilli and Fermented Fish.
  6. To clean the Stink Beans, peel its whole outer covering with a peeler.
  7. With a knife, cut the side strings.
  8. Cut the Stink Beans into half-inch.
  9. Boil water and put the cut Stink Beans.
  10. Stirring, boil it for about two-minute or to your preference (but don’t over boil as an overcooked Stink Beans is not preferred!)
  11. Add it to the pounded Green Chilli and Fermented Fish.
  12. Mix it well.


  1. You can also add Garlic when you pound the Green Chill and Fermented Fish.
  2. You can also add Coriander Leaves to garnish.

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