Lambak – Pennywort

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Pennywort, called Lambak in Hmar, is traditionally prepared as a Hmarchadeng (Chilli Chutney) with Ngathu (Fermented Fish). Both the stem and the leafy green can be eaten either raw or by first boiling it depending on one’s preferences.

When eaten raw, it is a bit bitter (as preferred by some) but boiling it will lessen the bitterness. It can also be prepared as a salad with other ingredients like onion, tomato, etc.

To clean a Pennywort, cut the roots off the stem. To make sure no other plants are hidden inside the bunch of stem, select each stem one by one. In a bowl of water, wash the stem and leafy green. You can also separately pluck the leafy green off the stem with your fingers.

Before boiling or adding to a Ngathu Hmarchadeng (Fermented Fish and Chilli Chutney), you can cut the stem into half-inch length).

It can also be added to a Ngathu Chialhme traditional dish. It also matches well with a combination of Zawngtra (Stink Beans) or Purunzung (Spring Onion Roots) Ngathu Hmarchadeng.

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