How to roast a Dried Red Chilli

Dried Red Chilli, Irritating Sensation, Excessive Sneezing, Metal Skewer, Gas Stove, Gas Flame, Mortal and Pastel

Dried Red Chilli taste differently when its roasted, burnt or fried. Many times, rather than roasting a Dried Red Chilli, they are often accidentally burnt.

Burning a Dried Red Chilli causes irritating sensation to the nostril and would result in excessive sneezing. When you roast it, it lessen the irritating sensation.

To properly roast a Dried Red Chilli, needle them in an metal skewer (as seen in the picture). Switch on the gas stove and lower the flame or sim it. Above 5 to 6 inches over the gas flame, hold the skewer with your hands and roll it on different sides slowly. Be careful not to expose too near the gas flame else the Dried Red Chilli would catch flame and burn. In case, it catches flame, shake the skewer to put it off.

When done, put the roasted Dried Red Chilli is a bowl or Mortal and Pastel to cool. Please avoid covering with a lid. If you immediately pound it when still warm, it would not be crunchy.

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