Hnachangvui – Banana Blossom

Banana Blossom, Hnachangvui, Traditional Dish, Ngathu Chialhme, Fermented Fish, Potatoes, Gravy, Ngathu Hmarchadeng, Chilli Chutney, Stink Beans, Zawngtra, Outer Bracts, Florets, Calyx, Pistil

Banana Blossom, called ‘Hnachangvui in Hmar, can be prepared as a traditional dishNgathu Chialhme‘ with Fermented Fish, also including Potatoes to make a thicker gravy.

It can also be prepared as a Ngathu Hmarchadeng (Chilli Chutney) with Fermented Fish. You can also add Stink Beans (Zawngtra) to the Chilli Chutney as well.

To clean a Banana Blossom, remove the outer bracts which covers the Florets. Also, discard the covering of the Florets, called Calyx and also a matchstick-like Pistil from the centre of the Florets.

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