Hmawnglor – Young Sacred Fig Leaves

Hmawnglawr, Young Sacred Fig Tree, Sacred Fig Tree, Chutney,Fermented Fish, Hmarchadeng, Pennywort, Lambak, Stink Beans, Zawngtra, Spring Onion Roots, Purunzung

Hmawnglor, the young leaves of a young Sacred Fig Tree are plucked and mainly prepared as a Chilli Chutney mixed with Fermented Fish. The leaves are first boiled, squeezed with hands for excess water and properly pounded with the Fermented Fish and Chilli Chutney.

You can also add other Chilli Chutney (Hmarchadeng) ingredients as well, such as Pennywort (Lambak), Stink Beans (Zawngtra), Spring Onion Roots (Purunzung), etc to name a few!

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