Dolzik Ngathu Chialhme

Young Taro Leaves, Dolzik, Garlic, Purunvar, Fermented Fish, Ngathu, Green Chilli, Hmarcha Hring, Cooking Pot, Mortar and Pastel, Gravy, Gas Stove

How do one prepare an indigenous cuisine with young taro leaves in a simple but mouth-watering traditional dish that don’t irritate your throat? Find out!


  1. Young Taro Leaves (Dolzik)
  2. Garlic (Purunvar)
  3. Fermented Fish (Ngathu)
  4. Green Chilli (Hmarcha Hring)
  5. Water (Tui)
  6. Salt (Machi or Chi)


  1. Cut the Young Taro Leaves stem and the leaves apart.
  2. With your fingers, tear the leaves into four parts (or more if its big).
  3. Break one end of the stem with your fingers and peel the skin off right to the other end of the stem.
  4. Cut the stem into one or two inches length.
  5. Wash clean in a bowl.
  6. Boil it in a cooking pot, stirring occasionaly and dispose off the water, twice.
  7. Add water again to the cooking pot.
  8. Add Fermented Fish.
  9. Peel Garlic.
  10. Pound the Garlic along with washed Green Chilli in a Mortar and Pastel.
  11. Add the mixture to the cooking pot.
  12. Add Salt.
  13. Stir occasionally but not too many.
  14. When its properly cooked and with the right amount of gravy, switch the gas stove off.

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