Be Hnuoisun – Green Beans

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Green Beans, called ‘Be‘ or ‘Be Hnuoisun‘ in Hmar for this particular variety, is prepared as a traditional dish with other vegetables such as Bean Leaves, Eggplant, Pumpkin Leaves, Mustard Leaves, Potatoes, etc.

Green Beans is generally identified as ‘Be‘. ‘Be Hnuoisun‘ can be translated as ‘beans that touches the soil’. In some Hmar-inhabitat areas such as Cachar of Assam, they named it ‘Tuiruongbe‘ as it is usually grown on the banks of the Barak River (called ‘Tuiruong‘ in Hmar).

Apart from boiled, stir-fry or as a curry, Green Beans, this variety or others, can be prepared with Fermented Fish as Ngathu Changalhme and with Fermented Pork as Sathu Changalhme. In addition to other vegetables, it can also be cooked as an indigenous cuisine with Smoked Meat.

To clean a Green Beans, one has to break both the ends and remove the strings with one’s fingers. To cook it as a traditional dish, you can either break the beans in two or add wholly without breaking.

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