Bapon – Dried Taro Stem

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Dried Taro Stem or Bapon in Hmar are gathered when they are naturally dried in the sun. They are mostly prepared as a traditional dish or chilli chutney with Fermented Pork (Sathu) with little or no gravy.

They can be prepared with Fermented Fish as well.

To clean a Dried Taro Stem, cut the stem to about 1 and half inches and soak it in a water until puffed. To remove excess water from the puffed Dried Taro Stem, squeeze it with hands. Repeat the process twice or thrice to properly clean it.

To prepare as a Chilli Chutney or Hmarchadeng, the cleaned Dried Taro Stem needs to be boiled first. Then take it out in a bowl to cool. To remove excess water from it, squeeze it with hands. You can then add it to the Chilli Chutney prepared with either Fermented Pork (Sathu) or Fermented Fish (Ngathu).

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