Purunzung – Spring Onion Roots

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Spring Onion Roots, Purunzung in Hmar, is best eaten raw. One can also make a Hmarchadeng (Chilli Chutney) with either Fermented Fish or Fermented Pork. The chilli can either be dried or green.

One can also add it to Ngathu Chialhme with or without Potatoes. It also matches well as a Ngathu Hmarchadeng with Zawngtra (Stink Beans), Bethlieng (Pigeon Pea), Spring Onion Leaves, or other edible plants.

You can also stir fry it with or without fermented soybeans and dried red chilli. In addition, you can also try it out with fermented fish and dried red chilli as well!

The easiest way to clean the Spring Onion Roots is to cut off the roots, put it in a bowl of water, and roll it between the hands.

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