Bethlieng Ngathu Hmarchadeng

How to prepare a Pigeon Pea and Fermented Fish Chutney with Small Green Chilli and Garlic!


  1. Pigeon Pea (Bethlieng in Hmar).
  2. Fermented Fish (Ngathu in Hmar).
  3. Small Green Chilli (Hmarchate in Hmar).
  4. Garlic.


  1. Break both ends of the Pigeon Pea, and the side strings with your fingers.
  2. Wash and boil the cleaned Pigeon Pea, stirring occasionally, for about 5 minutes.
  3. Take out the boiled Pigeon and keep it aside in a Bowl.
  4. Remove stems of the Small Green Chilli, wash and put it in a Mortal and Pastel.
  5. Peel Garlic and pound it along with Small Green Chilli in a Mortal and Pastel.
  6. Roast two Fermented Fish over a fire.
  7. Add and pound it along with the Small Green Chilli and Garlic.
  8. Add the mixture to the Bowl containing the boiled Pigeon Pea.
  9. Add Salt.
  10. Mix it thoroughly with clean, washed hands.


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