Ruotuoi le Manta Changalhme

How to make bamboo shoots, eggplant and smoked beef indigenous cuisine!



  1. Pressure cook the Bamboo Shoots.
  2. Dispose the water.
  3. Put the boiled Bamboo Shoots in a cooking vessel.
  4. Meanwhile, you can also pressure cook the Smoked Beef if you have an extra cooker and stove.
  5. After cooked, take out the Smoked Beef and put them in a plate to cool off.
  6. Pour the Smoked Beef soup on to the cooking vessel where you put the boiled Bamboo Shoots.
  7. Shred apart the cooked Smoked Beef with your washed hands.
  8. Put them to the cooking vessel with the soup and Bamboo Shoots.
  9. Add water if needed to the level of the ingredients.
  10. Add halved Green Chilli.
  11. Bring the dish to boil for sometime.
  12. Lower the flame of the gas stove.
  13. Add 2/5 spoon of Baking Soda.
  14. Add irregularly sliced Eggplant.
  15. Stir occasionally.
  16. Add Salt to taste.
  17. Stir occasionally until the Eggplant is also cooked.
  18. Turn off the gas stove.

Note: The dish taste better with less gravy.

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